Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Addi Paddi.

Everyday I look at Addi in true amazement. She is so spirited and energetic. While having a spirited and energetic child can be so exhausting, for us it is also truly amazing. I think back to everything she's been through and I am just so proud of her. Nothing slows her down, NOTHING (believe me I've tried). She is so full of life and so inquisitive. I am so lucky to have her spirit and spunk in my life.

So to my dearest Addi I say...
I know there are days where it seems Mama is pushed to her limits by you, but just know she loves you more than words can say and loves every single thing about you. When she speaks of your craziness, it is with great love. You are a spitfire and an sweetheart all rolled in to one. Mama loves you to pieces and always will.

My little crazy girl!

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