Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pregnancy Update!

 Two post in one day, how excited are you?!

I have been awful about updating about the pregnancy. I will really try to do better.

Hmm... lets see what is new?! 

If you read my previous post you know that we finally came up with a name. I will probably announce it after our anatomy scan on Thursday, just want to make sure it is still a boy. 

I haven't gained weight yet, but that is normal for me. I start to gain most of it halfway through the second trimester. I am really going to be trying to eat better with this one, mostly because it is our last and I want to be able to lose the baby weight quickly. So if there is less to lose, then I am hoping it's easier to lose it! One HUGE difference with this one, is that all I want to eat is salad (with the girls it was chocolate ice cream) and not because I am trying to eat more healthy but because I CRAVE it so badly. I can't get enough. YUM!

My belly is rounding out already, I popped so quickly with this one! I am carrying so much higher than with the girls, which is the opposite of what I have heard is normal for boys. When I was pregnant with both girls, old random ladies would always tell me I was carrying like I was having a boy. They would always be so shocked to hear that they were girls. So I guess I am just opposite of the norm.

I have started to feel more movement. Not a ton, but little flutters. The other day I was driving and thought I was having a contraction because my belly hurt, right near my belly button. Well I poked in where it hurt (in my belly button) and felt the baby move right under my finger. It was crazy. I think I could feel it because the skin there is so thin (probably from being stretched out so much). It was a freaky but awesome feeling! I don't think that he is much of a mover yet, in all of our ultrasounds they have commented on how cooperative and calm he was, and for one of them I had just eaten YoBe. 

So I think that is it for now! Here is my most recent belly pic, and look out for some pics of the baby come Thursday, so excited! 

Just realized I had put the wrong picture (the previous one was when I was pregnant with Addi). 

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