Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where'd that come from?

Aubrey and I were having a conversation it went a little like this:

Aubrey: "My boobies hurt."
Me: "You mean your boo boo's?" We are having a hard time getting her to not call them boobies.
Aubrey: "Yes, my boo boo's" she said while pointing out her freckles on her belly.
Me: "Aubrey those are freckles."
Aubrey: "My freckles hurt, get em off" she is now rubbing at them furiously on her belly and legs.
Me: "Sweetie those don't come off, look Mama has some too. I'll kiss them and make them better."
Aubrey: "Freckles OFFFFFFFF!! Freckles OFFFFFFFF!!!"

I swear this girl has OCD, everything must be perfect and clean, I have no clue where she got this from, definitely not Greg and I. Anyways, I was laughing so hard and trying to calm her down. I went to my phone to tell Greg about it to give him a good laugh, and BAM next thing I know projectile vomit is coming my way. She started screaming that her belly hurt, which she had said a little while before this freckle convo, but she was saying everything hurt that morning so I hadn't thought anything off it. I just kept kissing wherever she said it hurt. I feel awful for not thinking anything of EVERYTHING hurting, but she was being silly and laughing about most of her ailments. Well it turn out both girls were sick, and lucky me I got to clean up throw off of every surface that morning! Fun times! At least I got in a good laugh (thanks to Aubrey) before the chaos ensued.

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