Thursday, April 19, 2012

What have we been up to... (pictures/ video update)

She did it on her own, not for long but its a great start! 
She loves to sing Happy Birthday, she will just pick someone to sing it to! So cute! This was her first time singing it, and we sent it to Papa for his Birthday!
Learning to pedal, this video I think was before the other one where she actually pedaled a little on her own.
Driving her car, had to cut the video short because I thought she was going to go flying of the drive way (there is a large drop off on that side of the driveway).
In deep thought before she decides to slide.
LOVES to swing...
...wish we had one at home. 
Such a happy girl (most the time). So not the case today, she has been a hot mess. 
Wish Aubrey would actually smile on command, no such luck.
Dada's sandals are so much fun...
...who needs toys!
She was telling me how she had talked to Dada and Grandma on her fake phone, she is so silly!

So serious!
She told me it was bright out so she need her purple sunglasses!
Miss Attitude! 
Miss Smiley!
She asked me to take more pictures of her, and then came right up and smiled for me! 
Climbing Aubrey's chair...

and she is up!
Thought it was so funny when I made her sit on her bottom.
I swear she is getting into EVERYTHING...
...and Aubrey loves watching her do it! 
Easter once Greg was home!
Fun in the Jacuzzi! 
They have so much fun together!! 

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