Monday, April 16, 2012

2 Weeks.

So things have finally calmed down a bit so I am ready to fill you all in on my two weeks without Greg. The funny thing is I am sitting here and for the life of me can't remember much of what happened, it is just a blur of exhaustion and craziness.

Hmm... maybe if I start from the first day. You by no means have to read all of this, it might be just as exhausting as living it.

I decided to go to the meetup at the mall, for pictures with the Easter bunny. I went knowing full and well I would NOT be attempting to get Aubrey in a picture with the Easter bunny. She does not like characters, just like Greg and I both didn't as kids. She will say hi from afar, but that is as good as it's going to get. I am really wondering how she will do at Disney because she so loves Mickey and Minnie. Anyways, so we went to the play area and Aubrey didn't want to get out of the stroller. She just hid in there. I tried to get her to play, but she wouldn't have it. Addi liked crawling around and playing, so it wasn't a total lost. We then headed to lunch with Klaida, Braxton, and Zoe. Addi started getting upset so I tried to calm her, she was just too tired to be calmed (we had skipped her morning nap). Once we finally sat down Aubrey started crying, she was acting so tired but it wasn't even close to nap time, then Braxton joined in. So we were sitting there with three out of four kids crying, it was totally draining but kind of hysterical at the same time.

It turns out Aubrey wasn't feeling well, her eyes and nose starting running like crazy. I was thinking that it must be allergies. So the next day we headed to the outlets and lunch. Aubrey was awesome, even though she was acting really exhausted again. She even put her head down on the table at lunch. It was so sad. She was definitely sick. Addi started to cry uncontrollably again. I shortly found out why. She got a rash and was actually bleeding a little. She never gets rashes so it was out of nowhere. I am not sure if it was a reaction to something she had eaten. Anyways another lunch and this time I have one baby crying and one with her head on the table trying to sleep. We got out of there as soon as we could. Both girls fell asleep on the way home, my poor babies were so tired.

Aubrey didn't seem much better the next day, she was super whiney. Everything upset her. We had to leave for Addi's therapy appointment but Aubrey didn't want to leave. We finally made it there and on the way in Aubrey got her hand shut in the door, near the hinges. She screamed like I have never heard her scream. I kicked the door open, and grabbed her up. I was already holding Addi so juggling them both in my arms was tough. Aubrey's crying didn't let up and Addi joined in, the therapist came out and scooped Addi up from me so I could hold Aubrey better. Addi immediately freaked out and started screaming like crazy. I couldn't take it, the last few days had been so exhausting and rough, so much crying and not having Greg to help at the end of the day, and the possibility that Aubrey had possibly broken her hand, I broke down and started crying. We went back for our appointment, both girls still crying. Aubrey was moving her hand and fingers but still crying in pain, but at least I knew it wasn't broken. Both girls clung to me for most of the time which made Addi's appointment pretty pointless.

I headed to my parents the next day, I stayed for the rest of the time Greg was gone. Worked everyday, with the girls in tow. My Mom was a great help but by the end of the day between work and the girls my Mom and I were beyond beat. Being at my parents was great, but it's also a little stressful. There house is fully tiled and not baby proofed, so putting Addi down is near impossible. So someone is constantly having to hold her. Aubrey is obsessed with my parents dogs, she was all over them the whole time which did not go over well with the dogs, lots of growling. So I was constantly having to tell her to leave the dogs alone. My Mom's help was amazing, but I feel guilty so easily that I felt like I was rushing around trying to do things before she got the chance to just so I didn't have to feel guilty. I know, I'm nuts.

Greg being gone definitely made me realize how much even the little bit he does daily, is beyond helpful. Just being able to have him watch the girls at the end of the day so I can relax without having to feel guilty about it, is amazing. I really missed him, and not just because of his help, I just plain missed him.

So thankful he is back, and hoping he doesn't have to go away again for a very very VERY long time, if ever.

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  1. Aww!! I can't imagine going two full weeks without Daniel, you are so brave! I'm home alone til 9:30 tonight and I had almost forgotten how much it sucks to do dinner and bedtime by myself :( its 8pm and I still haven't eaten dinner myself, lol! Glad you survived!!