Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas.

Another holiday is upon us, and I feel like I have used so many ideas already. So I am trying to come up with something different. My mind is so full of thoughts about it, I figured maybe I could sort them out here! So here are some ideas...

Get pretty fabric and trace the girls hands and frame!

Paint the girls hands and use stenciled letters (or paint pen) and frame.

This is my top choice right now, try to do my own photo canvases. I think I will do one picture of each girl and then put this saying on them (half of the saying on each one). I can't decide whether to do pictures of my Mom with each girl or just ones of the girls by themselves (thoughts?).  Might do something similar for Greg's Mom, but put the other quote (from above) on them? I am going back and forth on handmaking them or just ordering the canvas's from Snapfish, I can do a collage one and possible still put the quotes on them. I haven't had a chance to get crafty in so long (since I decorated Aubrey's big girl room, while pregnant with Addi), so I would love to make it but... gosh do I have enough time and will it even come out good? So much going through my mind, I am going a little crazy! :)

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