Friday, January 11, 2013

4 Months.

Greyson is just days away from being 4 months old. This is the point where everything changes around here. I know you are thinking, "huh, why four months?".

Well it goes all the way back to Aubrey. When she was a newborn, she never slept, she always ate, and we were pushed to our limit. We were permanently exhausted and we had just switched to a new pediatrician (I believe I have written a post about all this before?). He asked how sleeping was going and we both deliriously laughed and asked "What sleep?". He then asked if she was in her own room yet. I told him "Heck no, that will not be happening until 6 months at the earliest." I am a crazy worrier and everything I had read about SIDS said no earlier than 6 months, and not only that Aubrey woke up every other hour to eat. There was no way I was going to get fully out of bed to go get her and feed her. I just didn't have the energy to do that. Our doctor went on to say it was time, and she shouldn't be waking to eat at all because she is a big baby. I was so skeptical.

We followed his directions and it literally took one night and she was sleeping 12+ hours. Then we did the same thing with Addi. Addi was smaller so we knew she would still need fed at least once a night, but she cut that feeding out within a month or so. So now it is Greyson's turn. I have been looking forward to/ dreading this for a while now. I'm looking forward to not having a baby in our room. I am not looking forward to putting him to bed awake, and possibly having to hear him cry. He is not much of a crier, so I think it will break my heart a little bit if he cries. I am also a little sad that it kind of means his newborn stage is over. I won't get night time cuddles with him anymore. :( He is my last baby and I just don't want him to grow up.

Anyways, we start Monday. I actually did start naps today. Usually he naps wherever I am. Today, for his morning nap I put him down awake in his bed. He cried for maybe a minute and then was out. I want to go check on him so badly, since I totally forgot to set up the video monitor in there.

I must resist.

MUST resist.

Darn it, I am going to go check. I just want to make sure he's sleeping well.

(Will update with picture in just a few).

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