Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let's Recap.

Let's recap my day thus far. I started to make dinner, getting it ready to put it in the crockpot. I quickly washed the pint of blueberries that we had gotten for the week, to give the girls to keep them occupied while I "quickly" put dinner together. I was just about to finish up and remembered I needed to add red pepper flakes. I quickly got the container and went to sprinkle some on, the inner top had not been fully on and almost the whole container of red pepper flakes ended up on my roast. I freaked out! I started trying to spoon them out, but there were just too many and I was taking out too much sauce in the process. Strain it, I thought! I grabbed a sifter and started pouring spoonfuls of the sauce through it. What feels like an hour later, but is probably really only 15 minutes later, I'm still doing it and there is still a ton. I give up! I take the roast out and start making the sauce all over again. What a waste.

I finally go over to the girls to find they have eaten the entire weeks worth of blueberries. They had been talking and playing in the other part of the kitchen so I didn't think they were really eating that many, and in my panic to save dinner I totally forgot to take them away.

So then, I was playing with the girls and Aubrey was getting this plastic school bus toy off the shelf and hit me right in the corner of my eye. Scratching my eye ball and face. Fun times.

On top of that Addi has pretty much been a teething, whiney mess.

To end the fun morning...I was putting Greyson in tummy time and I turn around to see Addi splashing around in Aubrey's little potty, which turns out Aubrey had JUST peed in.

Is this day over yet?

P.S. Right after I finished posting this, I went to change Greyson's diaper. Yep, just got peed on by Greyson for the first time. (Guess I should consider myself lucky that I lasted this long without getting peed on).

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