Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Working on it!

We have been working on sitting lately. Aubrey was fully sitting around 5 months, she was very sturdy, I think it was all her chunk! Addi was sitting closer to 6 months, she was so itty bitty she didn't have much to make her sturdy. Greyson seems to be right in the middle of them, in the chunk department.

He is doing an awesome job at learning to sit. He is fairy sturdy (even with his skinny legs). This is my absolute FAVORITE milestone.

Why, you ask?

This is the milestone that makes it easier to put them down, and easier for them to interact and play! They still aren't mobile, so you can put them down and they play so nicely and contently and they stay right where you put them. The girls will have an easier time interacting with him, and him with them!

I can't wait. But once he starts sitting, that is when I would like all this growing up business to STOP!

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