Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nights 2 & 3.

Night two was amazing! Greyson went down with no problem. We put him down awake at 8:30 and he was asleep within 5 minutes, no fussing, no crying, not a single peep! He then slept until 4:30, ate, and went right back to sleep. He slept until 8:30.

On a kind of unrelated/related note, Greyson has found his thumb. He still loves his paci, but if he can't find it to put it in, he just pops his thumb in and is content. I think this might be making this transition go more smoothly. We haven't even had any issues at all with naps. We put him down awake every time, and he just goes to sleep. Naps were always tougher for the girls. They cried a lot more at nap time then they ever did at night.

So onto night three (the final night, according to my doctor it only takes three nights to have them self soothing and going to bed on their own) was pretty good. I put him down around 6:30 he usually does a short little nap around dinner time. Well he decided it was bedtime and slept until midnight. I was getting nervous because he didn't get his last feed in before calling it a night. He woke (didn't cry at all, but I got him because of skipping his last feeding), ate, and went right back to sleep. He then woke up at his normal 4:30 feeding. He woke, ate, and then cried for about 10 minutes then finally went back to sleep. He then slept in until 9:15. So not a bad night if you ask me. We normally would not wake up for two feedings in one night, but since he skipped his last feeding I didn't really count it as two night feeds.

It seems like things have improved greatly from the first night. Now I just need to see if he weighs enough to sleep through the night, then we will get rid of that night feed all together! Then maybe I will be able to think straight again...

Doubt it! :P

Sucking his thumb.   

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