Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, so far so great!!

We rang in the New Year down in Melbourne visiting some great friends (some that happen to be family!). We had a blast. Kayla and I kicked butt playing beer pong. We actually let people continue playing after they lost the game. I was actually telling these boys we were playing about a beer tournament I was in with my friend Jenny. Jenny and I actually made it further than the guys we came with and we were doing really well. (Jenny don't kill me for telling this story). Anyways it was our fourth game of the night and Jenny had done the majority of the drinking, because she is an awesome friend like that. Anyways we were ahead and next thing I know I see Jenny's arms swinging and our cups go flying and there is beer everywhere. We automatically lost. Anyways I was telling this story to these guys and next thing you know one of them knocks their remaining cups over. I gave them such crap for it because I had literally just warned them not to. We let them reset their cups, because if I win something I want it to be because I was legitimately better. Anyways we went on to win that game and the whole tournament for the night! Are you saddened by my competitiveness? LOL! I blame it on growing up with three super competitive brothers. :) We had fun with sparklers, stacking cups, and ice luges. We ended the night with our annual poker game, it lasted a bit later than I would of liked (we only got about 3 hours of sleep before the girls woke up). They have been having this party for 4 years now (I think), and each year is more fun than the last (if that's even possible).
I didn't remember to take many pics after the beginning of the night. Oops!

 The kids actually came with us and slept in the guest bedroom. We had all three kids in there together. It was interesting to say the least. Aubrey and Addi stayed up laughing hysterically and playing until around 11 (WAY past their bedtime). Guess they knew it was time to celebrate the new year! Greg and I brought our video monitor so we could watch them all. They played peek a boo for a while (Addi would pop up out of her pack and play and they'd die laughing), they were playing with their cloud b constellation lights (it was basically an awesome light show in there, since they both have one), and Aubrey was crawling over to Addi's pack and play and tickling her. It was so funny to watch. We'd stick our heads in to tell them to go back to sleep and Aubrey would scurry back to her spot on the bed. It was too funny. We figured they were allowed a fun night sleeping in the same room since it was a holiday! At least Greyson slept like a champ. Never woke up, and slept through all the giggles.

This past weekend we went on a double date with Jeff and Kristin. It was so nice to go out with friends and not feel like a Mom for once. We bowled a few games and then went back to their place and played poker, felt just like old times! It will be really nice when we move back, they live less than 5 minutes from our new place! We may have a lot of game nights in our future!!! :D
We got 4 strikes in a row!! :)

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  1. Looks like fun!! Wish we could have joined you guys this year for sure!! MISS YOU!!