Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Battle.

Greyson did great again last night! No crying at all and after my day yesterday I really needed it.

Yesterday was one of the most trying days I have had yet. If you haven't read my post about Aubrey, ( then read that first. Yesterday she took it up a notch.

Addi was really tired, so I was putting her down for a nap. Aubrey joined me in Addi's room to help me put her down for her nap, as she usually does. She decided to start snooping through boxes. Well she found one with some of her birthday gifts in it. I asked her not to look in it. She thought it was Grandma's, so she moved it out into the middle of the kitchen. I asked her not to, then picked it up and put it back. She FREAKED. She started screaming at me, then slammed the door in my face. I went in and got her out, since Addi was trying to sleep in there. She threw herself on the ground and screamed at me more. I told her she seemed tired so it was nap time. She then yelled "NO! I NOT NAP EBER." Then ran into the living room (still crying hysterically) and slammed the door and locked it. I followed asking her to unlock it or she would be in trouble. She unlocked it and ran in her room. I followed and started putting her nap time diaper on. She kicked at me screaming "Leave me alone." The kicking continued, I basically wrestled the diaper on her and put her in bed. One minute later she is out running around the house naked with her underwear in hand, screaming "I NOT WANT TO GO TO BED YET."

I finally got her calmed down and we had a nice and long discussion about how she acted. She apologized and gave sweet hugs and kisses and then told me she had a really bad headache. Probably got it from screaming her head off. After some Tylenol, she went right to bed, no problem. I swear she flips a switch from happy to mad back to happy in the blink of an eye. I literally felt like I fought a battle. If it was a battle, I am pretty sure I was defeated.

Later that night she was having a blast working out with Grandma (video and pic to follow, don't you worry), and I walked in and she freaked out all over again. I swear it's me, she is just so mad at me. ALL THE TIME. I am wondering if it is because we have been stuck home so much lately.

Too tired to think about it all right now. So here is the video and picture I promised!

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