Friday, January 4, 2013

Video Updates!

Here are some recent videos...

Addi loves to sing and dance!! 
CHEESE!! Aubrey wanted her picture taken earlier in the day so she kept screaming "Cheese" at me, so Addi decided she was going to start saying "Cheese" too. She is so cute, she puffs out her chest as if she is posing for a picture!!
Shirley Temple! LOL! Aubrey thinks she is Shirley Temple. She watches her videos over and over, saying that it's her. Her favorite one is below, and is the one she is trying to imitate above.
Aubrey having a blast running around. It was such a cold windy day!
Greyson was rolling like crazy and I finally thought to get my phone and record. He now likes to roll right out of tummy time immediately. Silly boy! 

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