Monday, January 14, 2013

Sad the Weekend is Over.

This weekend was so much fun. I got to hang out with friends I hadn't seen in forever. A few weeks ago we started planning a girls night. Yes, it is sad. I now have to plan weeks in advance to see my long lost friends. We are all just so busy. I miss the days where we were planning things the night of because we already knew we'd be doing something no matter what, just didn't know what yet. Those were the good ol' days.

It was so awesome to be back together again. I miss them all like crazy. It is nice to know though, that when I am home with my kids feeling pretty lame that they aren't partying it up. I thought for sure I was missing out on EVERYTHING, but they are pretty much doing the same thing (maybe not as much as me) just minus the kids. It was such a fun night, although I had the most fun when we weren't at the loudest bar ever. Yes, I am old and you know what I don't care. I think I am much more into house parties, bbq's, and small get togethers than I am going to a bar. At least I can hear people there lol.

Wow I am sounding older and older the more that I type. Oh well.

Besides all that fun, we also had a great family weekend. We took Aubrey to get her first hair cut. I was so nervous about it because Aubrey is not good with strangers. She was awesome. She seemed to really like the lady who was cutting her hair. She started off by adding some sparkly polish to her teal nails (Yes. I am passing on my love for all things teal to my daughter). She got to pick out a show to watch, and got stickers to play with while the hair stylist did her stuff.



Checking herself out!
Isn't she just adorable?

On Sunday we headed over to Pam and Todd's house. It is really just so nice getting together with them. We always have so much fun, and their son Ben and Aubrey play together so well. It's so cute to watch them. When we are there we have a hard time leaving because the kids are having such a good time, as are we. It is nice to have another couple/family to hang out with! :) Don't worry Emily and Daniel we still miss you guys a ton!

So yep! It was a great weekend. I really wish it had lasted longer. Monday always comes too soon.

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  1. Haha! We miss you guys lots too! Aubrey looks so cute with her new haircut!! Logan approves!