Monday, July 16, 2012

30 Weeks...

I am so behind on pregnancy updates, things have just been so crazy lately it's hard to think about adding more craziness into the mix. Greyson will be here in a little over two months. That is just plain scary to think about at this moment.

Things have been going well with my pregnancy, I seem to have ALOT more pain this go around. Getting up and down is proving to get harder by the day. I am already starting my two week appointments. I remember with Aubrey I wished I could have appointments every week, and now I wish I didn't have so many. So far I have been doing pretty good with my weight gain, 17lbs. I would be doing much better if I wasn't an ice cream addict. At least with this pregnancy I only have one bowl a day compared to the 3-5 I had a day with the girls. So that's progress, right?!

I feel very unprepared for Greyson's arrival. We haven't gotten much for him yet. I got a little bit of clothing when we found out he was a boy, and a friend gave me some too, but beyond that I haven't gotten a thing. With the girls I was MUCH more prepared but I have been so stressed about house stuff that I haven't been stressing about not having anything for Greyson. Poor baby boy is just going to have to be a naked baby! :)


  1. You know what I've can get it as you go. No need to rush and stress over it! It will all come together :)

  2. I have TONS of stuff for you! Let me know when you want it, I just didn't want to clutter up your space with baby boy stuff too soon! :)

  3. Blake outgrew lots of stuff before he barely had a chance to wear it ;)

  4. YAY!!! I will take anything you are willing to give. I feel like such a slacker lol!