Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another Addi Update...

We did not end up going to the ER. My Dad and Greg managed to force down 5oz-6oz of Pedialite. I was so stressed the entire night and kept checking the video monitor just to make sure she was still ok. She woke up with a really wet diaper and we continued to force down a few ounces every few hours, and by "we" I mean everyone but me. I just can't stomach her being held down while liquid is squirted by syringe into her mouth. I had spoken with a sweet Mother from my Mom's group who actually specialized in feeding for cleft issues (and other things but I was so overwhelmed at the time I can't remember exactly what she said), anyways she basically told me ways she would recommend trying to get liquids into Addi. When she told me that forcing them using the syringe was one of the ways they recommended (we had tried everything else) it made me feel SOOOOOO much better. Before that I felt like the most awful Mother who was having my daughter go through water torture. I swear it reminded me of the movies where they are trying to get information out of a prisoner by holding them down and pouring water all over them. So I was happy to know we weren't doing anything too extreme. She has had plenty of wet diapers since then, but is no closer to drinking on her own. Oh well at least she is hydrated, right?!

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