Monday, July 30, 2012

Recipe/Review: Forgotten Chicken!

There has been a lot of easy chicken recipes floating around Pinterest lately, which to me is VERY appealing. The girls love chicken and I LOVE easy meals! So here is the first one of the two I am trying out this week:

These are the 5 simple ingredients need; Chicken, Cream of Chicken soup, Cream of Celery (I used Onion since I really can't stomach celery), Lipton Onion Soup packet, and 2 cups of Minute Rice.
Mix the two cans of soup together, 2 cups of rice, and one can full of water.
Pour in buttered casserole dish.
Top with chicken and onion soup packet.
Cover with tin foil (she stressed this was very important). I then chose the shorter baking time (350 for 1-1.5 hours). The only reason I chose that is because the oven I am using only goes as low as 325. I would of liked to do it at the lower temp for longer, I think it makes for juicer chicken and I would of been able to put it right in the oven instead of having it in the fridge waiting for the right time to put it in.
Okay, so this is what it looked like cooked, really not the most appealing looking meal but hey as long as it taste yummy who cares? Well it did taste yummy! Not the "stop in your tracks amazing type of yummy" but the "this is really good for how easy it was type of yummy". Addi devoured it like it was a gourmet meal. Aubrey wasn't as thrilled because she is my pasta lover. Will I make this again. Heck YES! It was just so easy and there are tons of leftovers for Little Miss Addison to enjoy all week!

The other chicken meal I will be attempting this week is (not sure if it has a name). I will NOT be using canned green beans, I am not a fan of canned veggies, so hopefully either frozen or fresh will do! Next week I think I will be attempting to do two more meals from Pinterest, the one I know I will do for sure is (The World's Best Chicken). I am really excited about this one because I have all the ingredients on hand already, which means NO COST!! Can't beat that, right? Have any of you tried any easy recipes lately that are worth making? If so send them my way! :)

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