Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yet another project started! (opinions needed!)

So I had an extra canvas leftover from the scrapbook/modpodge wall art project. I bought a pack of 7, such a weird number to sell them in if you ask me. So since I didn't use much of my fabric for the insulation wall art project I was trying to think of a way to use it that was a little more interesting than just covering canvases with fabric. I hadn't come up with anything, so I resigned to the fact that I would just have another fabric covered wall art and that would be that.

Today I headed to the Dollar Tree in town. My parents have had a lot of clients rant and rave about how much nice stuff they had, and since I had seen some neat projects on Pinterest that people used things they found from the dollar store, I thought what the heck! One of the projects I had wanted to do was make decorative balls (http://pinterest.com/pin/120260252520219434/) and the blogger used wiffle balls that she got from the dollar store. So I was on the hunt!

Well I never did end up finding wiffle balls but I found these mirrors. It reminded me of a project I had seen (of course on Pinterest). So I grabbed up all they had of this design:
 Which was only 4, and got 2 more of a different design figuring I would need at least 6 to make a decent sized wall arrangements.

So when I got home it came to me, I would use it on my fabric covered canvases. So I did a tester one today to see if I liked it. I used a paint brush and painted one of the mirrors and then scraped off the excess paint off the mirror itself. There has to be an easier way but for now that's how I did it. The I measured the best I could to center the mirror and drew with a pencil to mark where to attach the mirror. Then I used my handy glue gun and went to town with some glue! I am hoping it will hold up but only time will tell. So here is the result:

So now I need a little input from my lovely readers...
WHICH FABRICS DO I USE??? I want to have coral and teal as my decor colors but I am not sure if it's just too much? I already used the fabric all the way to the right so it kind of throws off the coral mix some, unless maybe I put another tan and teal one in the mix??? Any opinions??

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