Monday, July 30, 2012

Great Weekend and Day!

This past weekend was so wonderful, it was just the pick me up I needed! Emily and Daniel stayed with us and we played games, had a small BBQ with some great people, watched all the kids thoroughly enjoy each others company, talked and talked and talked, and spent the day and night relaxing in the pool! Pretty much did all of my favorite things to do; Eat, play, talk, and relax! Did I mention it was wonderful?!

Today has really just been a continuation of a great weekend, mostly I think because I have a renewed amount of energy and patience. The girls have just been so lovey and funny, I have taken lots of videos of there silliness, and pics of their cute faces and we have just played and played! They are napping now and I even prepared a new EASY Pinterest recipe (post on that later). For now here are some pics and video's from our day (wish I had gotten some from this weekend, but of course I was too busy having fun!).

 Not sure if you have noticed the nakedness of my children lately?? Have you secretly been wondering why? I am not one for having unclothed children but since staying at my parents we have less clothing available and don't get out of the house daily like we used to, so if we don't make it out my kids don't make it into clothing. I am horrible aren't I? Lol!


  1. Pres is the same way! The girl loves being clothes-less! Glad y'all had a fun weekend!

  2. Lol and soon you will probably have two clothes-less baby girls just like me! You are going to love seeing them play together, seriously nothing beats it! :)

  3. Let's do more weekends like this one! We had an amazing time with you guys :)