Monday, July 16, 2012

Second Guessing.

So we went to show Greg's Grandfather the model of the house we are building. It happened to be the same colors the lady had recommended to us for the outside of our house. She had made it sound like it was close to the colors we wanted (the picture I posted in the last post that showed what the outside should look like are the colors we wanted). Why couldn't we have the colors we wanted, you ask? Well our neighbors picked those exact colors, or so we were told. What are the chances, right? So anyways... we pulled up to the house and I absolutely did NOT like the colors. The roof looked reddish brown and the trim color was WAY darker than I would ever choose. The only thing I did like was the actual color of the house. So of course I started to freak out. What if we made more decisions that I didn't like. We had to sit in a room and make decisions blindly. We have no clue how everything will look together. Greg and I had already discussed other decisions we feel maybe weren't right for us. So we have a small list of changes we want to make.

So I immediately called the design center and left a message, and then emailed her also. I have a hard time with patience, if you didn't notice. I felt like I needed the colors changed immediately or I wouldn't be able to sleep. Well it being a Sunday meant there was little to no chance of hearing back from her. So last night it took me a really long time to fall asleep, I just kept thinking of how much I hated the colors of the house.

So here are the changes we are making:

Outside Color
From this (the color is MUCH more red in person, which I really don't like):
 To be closer to this:

Handles in Kitchen- changing to:
Adding a seat in the master shower
Upgrading carpet padding in the playroom
Adding self closing drawers in the kitchen. (soft close, or whatever they call it)

I think that's pretty much it. Now I just need the designer to call me back. Which could take all week.

On a happier note, I still LOVE our lot!! We also showed that to Greg's family.
Oh and I started another project! I changed it up a bit because the wall I was putting it on was smaller than I thought. So instead of doing three panels I just did one and am going to put a big ol' M on it to go above our entry way table!

I still have to paint and attach the M. Then I am going to put candle sconces on each side once hung! Simple, but I love it! I am using the other two boards for the playroom. They are actually able to be pinned into. So I will cover it in the playroom fabrics and use them to hang the kids art work on! I have tons of extra fabric from not doing the three panels I planned on doing so I am going to make pillow covers and use the rest to cover canvases for more wall art!

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