Friday, July 13, 2012

Addi Update...

I am beyond stressed. Addi refuses to drink ANYTHING. Juice, milk, milk shake, smoothie, water, pretty much anything I can think of, she refuses. My mom brought her home a frosty (desperate times over here), and she had 7 bites, we of course rejoiced but still it is nowhere near enough. I litterally have had to hold her down and squirt water in her mouth, got in a whopping half ounce. She is a stubborn little thing. We talked to the nurse today and basically she said if we don't get her to drink we have to bring her back to Wolfson's for an IV. So this is why we are so desperate to get her to take liquids, any way we can get her to. I am really at my witts end. I am thinking about trying to sneak into her room while she naps and stick the tubing in her mouth and try to get her to drink while she sleeps. Doubt it would work, but like I said I'm desperate.

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