Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Projects and House Choices!!

We have been crazy busy lately. I have had so much to blog about and haven't had a chance yet. I have done a bunch of projects. Well started some and completed others. We have also gone to the design studio to pick out all of our stuff for the new house. It was fun but at the same time I was really stressed about making a bad decision.

The first project was one I blogged about already but never got around to showing the end results on my blog (at least I think I didn't).

This is a wall hanging project I did, using canvas, Mod Podge, scrapbook paper, and distressing ink! I followed this tutorial: for attaching the scrapbook paper and this one:  for the idea of the distressing! The colors I went with are teal and coral, but they are showing up more blue and pink in the pics.
We then started painting some more furniture, we have only one layer on each one, the top one will be antiqued but the other will just be left white. We found the first one while driving through a neighborhood taking pictures of house colors we like. So it was FREE! It is missing one drawer so I am doing this with it:

This one I found on Craigslist for $30 and is SOLID wood! It is going to be for Aubrey's new big girl room. We are going to be moving her to a Queen sized bed and Addi to the Twin once Greyson is 4 months, should be fun times! 
 I have also redone these frames (two to match), nothing big just wanted them white with the antiquing stain on them. I just realized I don't have the finished pic of them, will have to add that in later.
This is one of my favorite projects so far! I used this tutorial:   I decided to cover a formula canister too, which I am in LOVE with. The baskets are made out of diaper boxes and I cut them to fit in the dresser that has the missing drawer!! Once the dresser is finished I will show it with them in it!!

So I think that's all the projects, now onto the house stuff!!

Flooring: (we went with the lighter color, it looks darker on the ground, see third pic)
 Wall Color: I couldn't get a good photo of this, I only had my phone on me.
 We are going with the raised cabinets (shown on the left) and decided to upgrade to a glaze (color shown on right)
 Backsplash in kitchen:
We went with dark carpets, hopefully it will hide stains well, I am nervous it is so dark but a lot of our furniture is white so I hope it looks good. Greg really wanted the dark brown.
 Outside stone:
 Bathroom fixtures: (Middle one pictured... horrible picture.)
 Bathroom Cabinets:
 Tile: (Second one from the top)
Here is kind of what our kitchen will look like: 
We got the same hood, our color will be darker, and our counter tops a bit lighter. We will have the same island (love how big it is) we bumped and staggered our cabinets, added a desk/mail center on the end.
 This is the style of the outside of our house. We won't have the columns they will just be stucco pillars with stone on them. Our stone will not be on the tower either. This is just a fancier version of ours. Our colors will be close to the same as this one, brown with cream!
 So I think that is about it!! This post took forever, now I know why I was putting it off. Now I am on to blogging about little miss Addi and her surgery. Oh and please forgive any mistakes I made while typing, I really don't have the energy to re-read this and fix them lol! We didn't get much sleep in the hospital last night, so I am beyond exhausted.

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