Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Addi's Surgery

 We started out the day at 6 AM, we headed to Wolfson's to get checked in for surgery. I did a major no-no and gave her water up until then. I guess I was only half listening when they said I could give her water, I never heard them say up until 4 hours before surgery. So every person we spoke to asked us when she had liquids last, EVERY SINGLE PERSON. I am such a rule follower that I felt like I was just getting it rubbed in my face that I was a horrible mother. I know that they usually ask it no matter what, but when you do something wrong the last thing you want to do is have to explain it to 5 different people, 5 different times.
Here is Addi in the waiting room, still drinking water. OOPS! 

Once we got back to the surgery waiting area, they held us a little longer than planned, since my big uh-oh with the water. They gave her "happy juice", basically making her drunk. The nurse said she is not going to like the taste of this, but Addi LOVED it and wanted more. She was so hungry, poor baby.
Our little drunk baby.
After the surgery we went up to Addi's room and waited for her to come back from recovery. All the sudden I heard a moaning baby coming down the hall. It sounded so awful, and I just sat there thinking how lucky I was that Addi would be so out of it that she would be sleeping peacefully, that's how she was after her heart surgery. Well that moaning baby was being delivered to the very room I sat waiting in. Yep, it was Addi. She was so out of it and just cried and cried. She would fall asleep and then she swallowed and would wake up moaning. It was a horrible cycle. We finally got her to sleep. She never sleeps on me EVER, so it was actually nice to snuggle with her some.

My poor red and swollen baby girl. 

Addi would get woken up for vitals, it was so frustrating. She would finally fall asleep and they would burst in the room and mess with her. So we would have to calm her all over again. We took it as our change to get her to drink fluids. She was such a tropper. So groggy, but so cute!
 Look how adorable she is sipping her juice. Her redness had decreased but her eyes were still as puffy as ever.
 This is the crazy crib she slept in:
 More like a cage. :(

 This is the most awake she has been since the surgery. We turned around and she had popped up and was peaking out. She was just too cute. Greg then started playing peek a boo with her and we got a half smile, which is the most we have gotten since the surgery. Which is just craziness for our smiley little girl.

 This is when we found out we got to go home!! I was so excited, but really worried because she had just come down with a fever. They considered it low grade, but 101.7 seems really high to me. So yep, we are home and she has been sleeping away in her crib. I think she is happy to be in her own bed and to not be poked and prodded every half hour!
You can see how tired we both look, it was a rough night.

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