Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fun Friday?

So if you hadn't noticed my Fun Friday post didn't really take. I'm just way too forgetful. So... I decided I would just post things when they happened (if it was funny enough for me to remember to post it).

So the other morning Aubrey and I were sitting at the table Eating breakfast my mom was cleaning dishes in the kitchen.

Aubrey: "I'm pooping right now."
Me: Would you like to try to go in the potty."
Aubrey: "No I already pooping right now."
She sits there "concentrating" really hard.
Aubrey: "Do you hear it?"
My Mom busts out laughing...
Me: "No"
Aubrey: Oh! I go poo poo very quiet?"
Me: "Yes, I guess you do."
Aubrey: "Do you smell it?"
By this point my Mom is laughing so hard I think she might pee her pants lol.
Me: "Not yet."
Aubrey: "Oh. It very stinky."

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  1. Oh m gosh I just about died laughing! She is hilarious! That's one for the baby book ;)