Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Overwhelmed at times.

I get a little overwhelmed at times, and start to reminisce about how easy having just one child was. Yesterday Greg had the day off work and I had already planned to take the kids to a Halloween party at the park. I was planning on doing it all on my own, not sure how that would of turned out. I felt pulled in a million directions. My first mistake was wearing Greyson (wearing, is using a baby carrier, just in case you didn't know). I always think it makes it easier because I don't have to carry him, but really it makes dealing with Addi twice as hard. I can't bend over easily to stop her from getting into things, I can't run after her as quickly as I need to and she tried to escape out of every exit of the park (even the gated ones, she'd get her whole body through but her big ol' head wouldn't fit lol!). She was into everything and for some reason Greg stayed with Aubrey most of the time. Which really isn't much help to me because Aubrey listens and is actually a good helper with Addi.

At one point Addi picked up sharp glass from a broken beer bottle. I couldn't even bend down quick enough to get it, I yelled and scared it out of her hands then I kicked it away until I could bend down and get it. I don't like feeling restrained like that, like I can't react quick enough. It was really overwhelming, and I felt like I was constantly just telling her not to do things, not much fun for either of us. On top of that I barley got to talk to anyone, it was a quick "Hi" here and there and then back to chasing Addi around. It was very overwhelming, you would think with both Greg and I there it would of been much more relaxing and fun.

I guess at least Aubrey had fun, and hopefully Addi had a little fun too! 


  1. You are doing a great job! I know what you mean..by the time we left there I was so tired and couldn't wait to get home where I knew Presley could play and I didn't have to worry about everything..it was good seeing you yesterday! I barely spoke to anyone.

  2. You are doing awesome!! I know what you mean though, sometimes Logan acts a bit like Addi and its nearly impossible to keep up with him while carrying Blake around. Just think, preschool is right around the corner! ;)