Saturday, October 6, 2012

House Update

It's been a while since I have done a house update. I am sure that you all were missing them dearly.

Drywall has been installed, and we now have walls. It's pretty crazy to see it all coming together. They just started to stucco the outside, so I am of course dying to go back and see if they have finished it up! Here is some updated pics for you:

Beginning stages of the stucco. The bottom part will have stone!

One thing I loved about this floor plan is that the bonus wasn't on top of the garage, I just like the look so much better for some reason!

I'm obsessed with the coffered ceilings!
Cafe area and hallway to playroom and extra bathroom!
Hoping the cabinets will be in soon, they are ordered so hopefully that means in a week or so they will come in! They actually made a mistake and told us a lower level cabinet could be done in a glaze and it couldn't be so they upgraded us to a level 7 from a level 2 cabinet at no charge! I am so excited!
Master, kind of wishing we had bumped it out as we had originally planned to because now I feel it might be too small.
Master Bath, loving the large bath tub and European style shower!
Bonus room!
Bonus room view!
Aubrey's room
Addi's Room
Greyson's Room
Great Room!

Loving the bigger windows!!

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