Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So there are two recipes that I have to share! They of course came from Pinterest. One my Mom has made almost weekly since our staying here, I think mostly because I am obsessed with it. The other I just tried tonight!

First lets talk about the one I made tonight. "Easy Gourmet Chicken"...

It was so delicious! I did change a few things, I used Kraft Mayo with olive oil to cut down on the fat, and I used minced garlic instead of garlic powder. Also I sauteed onions to go along with it. I love onions and when I saw this recipe I thought that it might taste good together (really I look for any reason to have sauteed onions lol!). The chicken was SOOO moist and very tasty. I was seriously shocked, and so was Greg. Between me, Greg, and the girls there was not a single bite to spare.

I only had three chicken breast so it's a bit more saucy then I think it would normally be. Which I love!!
The other recipe is a side dish. I could eat this with every meal! "Ginger Lime Okra"! My Mom just uses her microwave steamer to save time, and she sometimes doesn't use fresh ginger to also save time. Believe me it is just as yummy either way! The lime is key! Makes it taste fresh and zesty! If you like Okra than you MUST try this.

This is what she sometimes use instead of the fresh.

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