Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rough night.

We are still in the hospital. We had quite a rough night last night. I am pretty sure Greyson's tummy doesn't like dairy. He was having a really hard time staying asleep, he'd wake up trying so hard to poo. It also didn't help that when he did go for a period of time without waking up, a nurse or tech would come in and poke and prode him. I pretty much got about 2 hours (broken up) of total sleep.

Greyson was also put back on the oxygen last night his numbers were staying in the low 80's (they want them to be at least above 90). They took him off again at 6 AM and so far he has been doing great, but it seems like we have started each morning out this exact way. He does so great in the morning and then come afternoon time his is struggling again. I am trying not to get my hopes up that we could go home today, but who am I kidding they are UP! I want to see my girls and get a decent nights sleep.

So, yep... fingers crossed that Greyson's numbers stay up and his breathing isn't strained! 
Look no oxygen!! :)

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