Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She makes me laugh and always surprises me with how smart she is.

Today Aubrey was watching me change Greyson's diaper. She loves to help out whenever she can.
Me- "Can you pass me the wipes?"
Aubrey- "Yes! (hands me wipes) Look Mom you have Greyson's tail out."
Me- "HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH" (laughing hysterically while wiping Greyson.)
Aubrey- "Be careful Mama you are hurting his tail."  

This past weekend we were in debate about going to the Air Show. I was talking to my Mom about it in the kitchen while Aubrey and Addi were eating breakfast. My Mom and I were spelling "A-I-R S-H-O-W" instead of saying it, just in case we were going to go.

My Mom: "I don't think you should go to the A-I-R S-H-O-W, she probably won't even realize if you skip it. Has she mentioned it recently?
Me: "Not really, not since Wednesday." 
Aubrey: "I want to go to the Air Show, I want to go to the Air show..." (over and over).

This has happened twice before with C-A-K-E. She is either a mind reader or very very intuitive. 

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