Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drove by yet again...

So I drove by the lot yet again. Both girls were passed out and since I was passing the exit I just couldn't resist. We had met with the site manager (or whatever they call the person who oversees everything) on Monday to approve all the plans. We went over all the changes (thank goodness, no more red/brown roof) and talked about possible completion date... end of October. Fingers crossed! He then told us the plumbing would be started that very day and hopefully completed by the end of the day today. So yes, I had just gone by yesterday, but I was dying to see some progress so I just had to stop again today. It was raining but I was hoping to get a pic or two or the work that had been done. Well whaddya know, those boys were working in the rain. I didn't want to take a picture because they might think I am a tad strange taking a picture of plumbing, so I just drove by slowly. I know it's weird but them working in the rain made me very happy, now that is what I call determination! :)

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