Friday, August 10, 2012

House update.

So not really much to report. We called and had them make the changes we wanted ( but have yet to sign anything making them official. I drove by the lot a couple weeks ago and they had started to clear the lot.

I then drove by again yesterday, and they started framing to pour the slab!!

So I think we have officially started building. I talked to the builder today and they are thinking November now for closing, so we are already running behind. If it keeps raining like it has been lately I fear we may be looking at December. I am just not sure I can handle waiting that long. I am already a little sad that we won't be in a house before Greyson's arrival, and really don't want to over stay our welcome here. I have actually been keeping my eyes open for a place to rent and for move in ready houses that come on the market, just in case.

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