Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh How Things Change...

My Appointments have been every two weeks for the last month or so and to me they have been quite the inconvenience. Last night as I laid in bed planning out the next day (today) in my head as I usually do every night, I remembered I had yet another OB appointment. I could feel my annoyance growing. I started to think back to when I was pregnant with Aubrey and how excited I was for every appointment, how I truly believed they didn't have them frequent enough. The idea of how crazy I was makes me laugh, but I really lived for those appointments and I think at this point in my pregnancy I was even asking how soon we could get Aubrey out if we had the possibility of early induction. I was truly batty and impatient, but I really just wanted Aubrey in my arms ASAP. We had gone through SO much to have her that I was far beyond a normal nervous first time mom-to-be.

While pregnant with Addi I definitely wasn't overly excited about the appointments like I was with Aubrey but I definitely didn't find them to be as pointless/inconvenient as I do now. At my last appointment I drove the 45 plus minutes to my appointment. They told me the same thing they tell me every time, everything looked great and we were right on track. My doctor commented on how easy my appointments were and that I was an old pro by now, and sent me on my way. So really a total of three minutes with the doctor and it was the same old same. Which believe me I am beyond thankful for, no issues is definitely a GREAT thing but at this point we've had tons of ultrasounds and tests to make sure everything is good, and I feel constant movement, so really other than measuring my belly they don't do much of anything. Do I really need to go every two weeks to have my belly measured? Umm, NO. I feel I should be every four weeks unless I have a concern, since I am an "old pro" and all!

Oh well, here I go again planning my whole day around two hours of driving for a lot of waiting around and three minutes of face time with the Doc. Yay. :/

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  1. Do you take the girls with you?? I hated those every 2 week then every week appts when I had to take L with me! He was always so bored!