Friday, August 17, 2012

Fun Friday! (Week 3)

8/13- We were on my way to my OB appointment and we hit some rain on the drive up...
Aubrey: "Slow down the rain Mama."
Me: "Aubrey I can't slow down the rain, sorry babe."
Aubrey pauses and thinks a second or two, she then looks out the window and screams at the top of her lungs "Slow down the rain clouds." (Greg and I had just told her the day before when it was raining that the rain was coming from the grey clouds).
Me (laughing): "You are too smart Aubrey and so silly."
Aubrey: (Laughs and then again yelling out her window) "Turn off the rain, turn off the rain, turn off the rain!"

8/14- Aubrey was jumping away on her "jumpoline"
Aubrey: "Look Mama, I jump so high!"
Me: "Wow you are jumping really high, how fun!"
Aubrey stops jumping.
Aubrey: "My belly hurts, I jumped TOO high."

8/16- Aubrey loves to unpack and repack the clothes that Emily gave us for Greyson.
While un-packing...
Aubrey: "These are kids clothes for Greyson."
Me:"Yep they are."
Aubrey: "He needs to get out of Mama's belly."
Me:"I know, you are right!"
Aubrey then holds up a tiny pair of mittens.
Aubrey:"My hands too big, try Addi's"
Me:"Nope they are itty bitty and only fit Greyson."
Aubrey: "Oh. Okay." then stuffs them in her goldfish container.

Ok... so here is a not so funny, but really sweet one:
Aubrey has been in a foul mood all week, something is just off. She has been crying over everything. I have been telling her all week that her attitude is making me either sad. So after a long day of tantrums, I collapse on the couch and close my eyes...
Aubrey: (climbing up on the couch) "So sorry Mama. You so sad."
Me: "It's ok baby, I am just tired."
Aubrey: (wraps her arms around me) "So so sorry, hugs and kisses". (She then kisses my forehead).
"So sorry you sad, I love you Mama."

 How can I ever stay mad at her, she is just so freakin' sweet! Now I leave you with pictures of my sweet-silly-sassy girl!
Eating in style!
She loves being close to Addi...
Addi not so much.

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