Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun Friday's- Aubrey's Silly Quotes! (Week 1)

OOPS! Forgot to post this on Friday. Here it is just a little late...

Since I decided to start this in the middle of a week, I will add one that I can remember from last week!

Last week:

I decided to clean the car when the girls went down for a nap, it was pretty messy. The next day we go to get in the car and Aubrey says "Oooo, Mama got a new car!".

Greg asked Aubrey where Greyson was, her answer "In Mama's belly butt!".

This week:

8/2- Aubrey made a mess in her car seat cup-holder with her "yogurt shake" (aka smoothie), so I cleaned it out last night. She then gets in the car and gets really excited and said "Look Mama!!! Dada cleaned my cup-holder for me!" I said oh really?? Her response, "Yes Mama, it so nice of him!".

We pulled into the driveway at "Grandma's house" and Aubrey said "Logan is at Grandma's house with the dogs." I told her that he wasn't there but would hopefully come back soon. Her response "Yes! Logan come back soon, Logan misses me."

8/3- I placed a box on Aubrey's head while we were playing. She looked at me in such disgust and said "You hurt me Mama..." then she pouted off (while glaring at me) to her room saying "I go night night again".

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  1. Hahaha!! Logan misses her too!! Can't wait to see you guys again!