Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yet Another Project.

I have had all the goodies to do this project for forever, just haven't found the time or energy to get on it. I got the idea from pinterest (surprise, surprise lol!)...

So as you can see I did more of a circular motion, I just love tons of movement. I just couldn't decide to just paint it all one color or do multiple colors as I had originally planned. I just loved how it looked even just being white. Well today I bit the bullet and I went with multicolor. I got started and then of course realized I didn't have all my colors, they are being stored in Addi's room so now I have two big blank spots just begging to be painted. I didn't want to risk waking my little monster (said with love, of course) so I left it as is for now. So no finished pics for you, sorry. Hopefully I can do it real quick once she awakens. 

I feel that I may need to buy a glossy sealer, I only have a satin one. I just feel the gloss will add a little to the matte painting. Might just try the satin one first and see (well really I'll have Greg do it, because it is probably not super safe for this preggo Mama). So whatcha think?

Here are some of the colors I used.

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