Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pregnancy Update.

Just had my 36 week appointment, and today I actually welcomed it. I had a rough morning with the girls, lots of whining and crying going on around here... and most of it's mine (just kidding!). So when my Mom came home to watch the girls I was already half way out the door (not really, but you get my point).

Lately, I have been having more and more problems breathing. I have been scaring people I think with my little "episodes". I had mentioned them earlier in my pregnancy but they have gotten significantly worse to the point where I have thrown up and where my vision has gone black. So I thought I best mention it again. She wasn't as laid back about it this time as she has been in the past when I have mentioned it. She wants to do a chest x-ray and an ultrasound. She thinks Greyson might be bigger than we originally thought. I never measured big with Aubrey, if anything I measured small, so I somehow hide babies well. I have a very short torso so there isn't much room for the baby to go, so I guess he is smooshing everything to the point where I can't breathe, then I get dizzy, and then I see stars. Also they (both the nurse and doctor) mentioned how low my blood pressure was, which it is always low, just how I am, but I guess this time it was noticeably lower and... to top it off I have anemia again. She thinks all of this "fun stuff" could be contributing to my breathing issues as well. We agreed that I should start with the iron supplements and see if that helps at all. If it doesn't on to the x-ray and ultrasound we go. Also since I had to have my GBS test done today and have already been having false labor (fun times around here, I'm telling ya!) she decided to check me and he is low and I am at 1 already. Not that it really means anything but being only 36 weeks I was surprised I was dilated at all.

So after all that I asked her about going down South to visit Emily and Daniel this weekend, and she gave me a BIG FAT NO! She is the most laid back person, and she even gave me the go ahead to fly to Maryland when I was 35-36 weeks pregnant with Addi and would be there for a week and would be driving back. So I must of really freaked her out with all my issues. I prodded a little more to see if she would budge, and she basically said "You are a grown women so I can't tell you not to, but I definitely recommend you not go." So of course I still want to go, I am so torn. I haven't really talked to Greg yet about it so I guess I will try to get him to make the final decision (that way if we go and something happens I can just blame him hehehe, just kidding!).

Well that about sums that up... now check out my post on the house update!!

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