Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun Friday! (Week Two)

8/6-Aubrey: Where's Dada?
Me: He's at work. He will be back tonight.
Aubrey: Yes, he coming back, Dada really likes Aubrey. Dada likes Addi too!

8/7-Aubrey: (picking up her stuffed Elephant and putting it on her head). "Elephant go night night on my head."
Me: "Oh really?"
Aubrey: "Yes, Elephant is tired like Aubrey."

8/8-Aubrey takes my hair down, and starts brushing it with her straw.
Aubrey: "I making your hair pretty Mama."
Me: "Aww thank you Aubrey."
Aubrey: "So pretty! Pretty hair."
She walks around to work on the front.
Aubrey: "Uh-Oh hair on your face." (My hair was laying on my cheek, she moves it.) "There, pretty again."

8/9- This one isn't so much funny as just sweet as can be!
Aubrey was sitting talking to Addi- Aubrey: "You are too beautiful Addi."
Me: "Did you just say Addi was too beautiful?"
Aubrey: "Yeah, Addi too pretty."

Addi grabbed Aubrey's hair and tried to put it in her mouth.
Aubrey: "No-no, that's Aubrey's hair not a paci", "Not a paci Addi". She then looks around for a paci.
Aubrey: "There's a paci". Aubrey plops it into Addi's mouth and laughs. "That was so silly Mama."

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