Thursday, August 2, 2012


I don't think my two girls could be anymore opposite. The older Addi gets the more apparent it is. If you were to just glance over at me and my girls when we are out and about you would instantly see the differences. I am usually frantically chasing Addi around while Aubrey is clinging to my leg or holding my hand. Addi is in the middle of all the chaos and Aubrey is sitting quietly in the stroller watching it. Needless to say my outing have become much more exhausting since Addi has started walking, climbing, and lunging off things. It is quite hilarious to watch her being her crazy self. She is right there next to all the big kids, climbing up slides the wrong way, climbing up stairs and then trying to walk down a slide, trying to climb over or out of everything. I am constantly scooping her up trying to keep her from doing things she isn't supposed to be doing, and to keep her from stealing kids snacks, toys, or even worse pulling their hair.

I remember watching Emily go through exactly what I am going through now, with Logan. I would be relaxing with Aubrey, chatting it up with other Mom's while Emily was running around ragged chasing Logan. I always felt so bad for her, poor Em just couldn't get a minute of calm. I am sure she is just loving me having to deal with crazy Addi, now I truly get what she was going through.

So yep, I am pretty sure my girls could NOT be any more different. Actually the only thing I can think of that is a similarity they have, is their love of sleep. I am one lucky Mama in that department! :)

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  1. Hahahahahaha!! This is so true!! But you know I would never wish that upon you ;) but it is so crazy how much alike Addi and Logan are...and how different Aubrey and Addi are! Now it's my turn...maybe Blake will be like Aubrey?! Haha. So that leaves Greyson...I wonder what he will be like! :)