Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I'm exhausted. The sleepless nights have begun. I haven't slept much the past four nights, which isn't bad compared to what most deal with. I have gotten excellent almost normal sleep up until this point. I thank my lovely energetic daughters for wearing me out so much that I slept like a log! Now even the exhaustion can't out weigh how uncomfortable I am.

So yep, I'm to the point where I'm saying Greyson can come anytime now, I'm ready. Ready to not be pregnant that is. Ready to be able to breathe again, ready to be able to bend over without crippling pain, ready to be able to play with my girls more, ready to eat some real sushi, ready to get my body back, I'm just plain ready.

Want to know the thing that sucks about feeling this way?? I have four more weeks to go! Ahhhhh!

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