Monday, August 6, 2012

Lego Land.

We headed to Lego Land this weekend for my nephew's 6th Birthday. It was not at the top of my list of places that I wanted to take the girls, since I have been dying to take Aubrey to see Minnie and Mickey at Disney and trying to convince Greg to spend the money on it. So, I was a little reluctant to want to spend money on going to a park that I hadn't really even heard about and may mean that we have to put off Disney for a little longer. But, Greg's whole family was going so that's what made us decide to join.

Lego Land is a ways out there, we actually passed Disney and lots of Minnie and Mickey signs on our way. Aubrey kept asking if Minnie was going to be at Lego Land. We would of course tell her no, so she would then ask if Logan was going to be there haha. When we FINALLY arrived at Lego Land a worker came up and gave me a pamphlet of all the stuff there was to do at the park for Aubrey's age (I have to say all the workers there were awesome, so helpful and caring). There was actually a good amount of stuff for Aubrey to do, and she loved ALL of it! She had a blast. She rode a ton of rides, and wanted to ride them over and over again. The lines were a little long in the morning, but by afternoon you could walk right on almost everything. Aubrey didn't even care if there was a line though. We waited about 20 minutes to ride in a little safari car to drove through the Lego animals, and she was awesome. She was just so excited that it was going to be her turn eventually, that she didn't even seem to notice how long we were waiting. Aubrey also rode her first roller coaster. She is WAY more daring than I ever thought she was. I tried to get a picture of her but she wasn't even tall enough to see in the pictures. It was really a lot of fun to watch her enjoy herself so much. I wish Addi had as much fun as Aubrey, but other than a indoor play area for toddlers there wasn't too much for her to do. She mostly walked around playing with a half empty water bottle (her current favorite toy, haha). For me the day was a little rough, I don't think it was the smartest idea to walk around a park at 33 weeks in crazy heat and with all the back pain I have been having with this pregnancy. I was in excruciating pain, to the point where I was fighting back tears walking up hills, it literally felt like someone was stabbing me in the back.

All in all though it was a fantastic trip. Greg's Dad came down from Maryland so that in itself was worth it! We always love getting to see him! I took a ton of pictures so I will post those once I get a chance to go through them all. :)


  1. Post pics!! I think Lego land looks like fun :) is Aubrey into Legos yet? I just got all of the stuff to make Logan a Lego table. Can't believe Greyson is almost here...September is coming up!! Hope you start feeling better!!

  2. PS just got Greyson some cute onesies...I can't resist baby shopping! :)