Sunday, September 30, 2012

How did we get here?

How did we get here again? It's the one place I NEVER EVER wanted to be again. It holds so many bad memories and I really thought that after getting through everything with Addi we wouldn't ever return. I just can't believe we are back here. Greyson was so healthy and doing so great, until this past Tuesday. Addi and Aubrey had gotten sick over the weekend and I did my best to keep them away from him, but obviously it didn't work.

I had mentioned him being sick in a earlier post, wet cough and what-not. Well we went to the Doctor on Thursday and I explained everything to him and he checked him out and said that day 3 is when they know if it will just work itself out or if he would need medical intervention. He told us to look out for quicker breathing, refusal to eat (during the day since he was already refusing at night), and fever. Well that night we were on watch, we barley slept. Greyson's breathing kept getting really fast but then it'd go back to normal, which can be normal for newborns. Then around 3 AM he was laying on my chest and felt really warm so we checked his temp. It was 100.5, we weren't sure if it was just from him laying on me and us making each other really hot. We then retook it an hour or so later and it was down to 99. I kept tossing and turning all night wondering if I should take him back into the Doctor. The deciding factor came when it took me 45 minutes to get him to start eating that next morning and then he threw what little he finally ate right back up. He had been doing great with his daytime eating so I was pretty sure something more serious was going on. His breathing was still very labored.

We went in around 1 and the Doctor listened to his breathing and became very concerned about him having fluid in his lungs. She told us we would have to head to the hospital just to get some testing done and if it came back ok that we probably wouldn't have to stay. She then had a nurse check his pulse-ox (saturation of oxygen in a patient's hemoglobin) and his number was low. She then came in and told us that as soon as she saw his pulse-ox number that she called to get an ambulance there to take Greyson to the hospital. I about freaked out, and of course started crying. There was no way I could stomach another one of my kids being carted off in an ambulance in the crazy incubators they have. Those incubators make everything seem so much more scary for some reason. She said that the ambulance was in Orange Park and that she is going to let us take him ourselves only if we promised to go immediately to the hospital.

We headed to Wolfson's, I dropped Greg off at the ER with Greyson. I then spent the next half hour trying to make it there with the girls. It was seriously the longest maze to get to the ER from the parking garage. Aubrey was loving it, since it gave her a chance to ride in "her" red stroller. When we got to the room Greyson was on a big bed with an IV in his arm with people rushing around to get stuff hooked up to him. They hooked up the pusle-ox monitor and then pretty much instantly put him on oxygen. Every time someone came into the room they asked us about what was going on with Greyson. I felt like I was on repeat, saying the same things over and over.

They then did a bunch of testing that we all had to step out of the room for. Addi was a bit of a handful she was very hard to keep happy since she wasn't really able to be put down. If we put her down the ER would of been ransacked in 15 seconds flat, that girl can destroy a room in no time. After about 20 mins of hanging out in the hallway listening to poor Greyson's pterodactyl cries we were allowed back in. A nurse came in to get his vitals, and when she took his temp it was only 94, she thought it must be a mistake and retook it. It was still 94. She had me crawl in the bed with him to cuddle. He was so cold. It was so scary. The Doctor told us that Greyson had RSV, but they were doing all the other testing to make sure that he didn't have anything else on top of it. They started antibiotics, it was a standard precaution for any baby under 1 month.

They were getting a room ready up stairs but they wouldn't let us go until his temp came up. It took quite a bit of time to get it up, which meant Greg had to entertain the girls in that time. Both girls were unfortunately forced to skip their naps due to all of this, but both really did a great job handling the situation.We finally got moved up to the room, which was nice since there is a play area in the PICU. So Greg took the girls to play while I told the Doctors all over again what was going on with Greyson. The Doctor said the girls would not be allowed to visit just in case they didn't have the exact same thing as Greyson. It has made this stay that much more painful.

My parents would normally have come to get the girls, but my sister had started having contractions and they weren't sure if they were going to have to head down there to watch her son if she were to have the baby that day. So thankfully Mary came and got the girls, and they have since been passed back an forth between Grandparents. Thank goodness for having family close by, and thank goodness the girls adore them as much as they do and they take it all in stride. 

Greyson has slowly been getting less and less oxygen, so we thought we would be able to go home today. His respiratory rate increases pretty frequently, and you can see him struggling to breathe. They tried to take him off it completely this morning and he lasted a few hours before his pulse-ox number went down and wouldn't come back up to a normal range. So back on oxygen he went. They then came in a few hours later to try to just take it down a little bit. His pulse-ox instantly dipped and his respiratory rate instantly increased. Very frustrating. So the nurse put it right back to where it was. We try again at 7pm to take him off. If it works we will be able to go home tomorrow.

I am so ready to go home. I really miss the girls and am going a little insane being back here.

Each day in here feels like a week.

I just want Greyson to be better and for our little family to be back together again.

Since writing this they have decided not to take him off the oxygen yet, his numbers aren't very good right now on the oxygen so they feel he still isn't ready. So looks like our stay keeps extending since they won't try to ween until morning. :(

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