Monday, August 29, 2011

Better than yesterday...

Today was so much better than yesterday.

Yesterday was rough, Aubrey woke up from her nap in the most horrific mood. Everything made her cry hysterically. We were going out to dinner. I hoped that getting her out of the house would snap her out of her funk. Well Aubrey had a tantrum like no other tantrum she has ever had. I didn't even know what to do, because normally we can talk to her and she will calm down. Well talking to her just upset her more. I am not a fan of bribing kids to stop crying, but I was at a loss and Greg decided to offer her some of his sweat tea (in hopes to calm her down enough to talk to her) and I didn't stop him. People were staring, I had no choice. I get really frantic when Aubrey is upset. I do not like crying and I get embarrassed when she isn't listening to me, which thank God is not a frequent thing for Aubrey. When we got home, we put her right to bed. Then Greg turned to me and said "And you want another?".

Today was the opposite. Aubrey was really happy and we just had so much fun together, dancing, jumping, rolling around, and just being all around silly! It is days like today, that make me want more than just another... (Shhh...don't tell Greg hehe!!)

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