Friday, August 5, 2011

Sleep, please!!

It's 2:30 AM and Greg and I have barley slept.

We are squished together on a tiny window seat, it is a good bit smaller than a twin bed. We figured we could make it work, we are fairly small people. We tried every different position possible, back to back, front to front, head to feet, me on the inside, him on the inside, etc., all to try to fit on this microscopic "bed". We just can't seem to fit on it comfortably. Which makes sense because it is only meant to sleep one person, we were just determined to both stay with Addison. I should also mention that Greg is a heater, we normally cuddle when we first go to bed and then do the roll away because if not we both just get too hot.

So there we are glued together, with a gross layer of sweat between us, trying to fit on this one person "bed" and doing our best to get some sleep. Then the screaming begins. It's not coming from our sweet baby girl, but from almost every other room around us. I am pretty sure the babies are taking turns.

On top of the screaming, we hear loud monitors going off, including Addison's. One of her leads keeps coming off so the machine beeps incessantly. It is driving us a little bit insane. At first we would pop up each time, worried something was wrong. Then after what seemed like the hundredth time we just tried to sleep through it.

On a happier note... there was talk yesterday about possible getting to go home today if her swallow study and echo go well. I can only hope this happens, because I can not spend another night crammed in a bed with Greg with screaming and beeping all around. I desperately need some SLEEP!

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  1. yikes!! that looks just like the bed we had when Logan was at Wolfson's! Haha we gave up trying to sleep together on it and took in the rocker and one in the bed. Def not comfortable!!