Monday, August 22, 2011


Aubrey is learning so many new words each day. Its so amazing to see. She will try to repeat everything. I am just so proud!

She has been watching Baby Signing Time for the past couple weeks. She loves it, she tries to sing along and repeats what they say, and has been learning the signs too. I had wanted to do signing from the get go, but decided against it because I have heard it can delay speech. Aubrey has been talking a lot though, so I figured it might be safe to try it now. I am shocked at how quickly she is picking it up. She just signed to me tonight that she wanted a drink, and then when I asked her what kind, she signed juice!

I really think she is learning so quickly mostly because she loves to boss people around. The more she can say, the better she is at getting people to do what she wants. Oh well, whatever the reason may be I still love every second of it. Now if I could just catch her on video to share with everyone!

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