Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our songs, Everyday Love... (Post 1 of 4)

I am the type of person who has songs for everything I go through in my life. When I listen to certain songs it just brings me back to different times. They say things better than I can say myself. So I am going to share the songs that represent Greg and I. 

Here is the first, Everyday Love (Rascal Flatts):
Each morning the sun shines through my window
Lands on the face of a dream come true
I shuffle to the kitchen for my coffee
And catch up on the front page morning news
Then she walks up behind me and throws her arms around my neck
Just another normal thing I've come to expect

It's ordinary plain and simple
Typical, this everyday love
Same ol', same ol' keeping it new
(Same ol'/This everyday love)
Emotional, so familiar
Nothing about it too peculiar
Oh, but I can't get enough
Of this everyday love

Every afternoon I make a phone call
Listen to the voice that warms my heart
I drag myself through a few more hours
Then head on home to try and beat the dark
Her smile will be right there when I step through that door
And it will be that way tomorrow, just like everyday before

[Repeat Chorus]

Wouldn't change one single thing about it
No, it's run-of-the-mill, still I can't live without it

[Repeat Chorus]

Yeah, of this everyday love
Can't get enough of this everyday love
Can't get enough of this everyday love
Can't get enough of this everyday love
Can't get enough

This song reminds me of when I moved to Gainesville to be with Greg, we had been together for six months but had been friends for much longer. We didn't have a whirlwind romance but more of a friendship that developed into more. Which I think is so much better! We were so comfortable with each other but always couldn't wait to be together. After a while I knew we were meant to be together because we had the perfect EVERYDAY LOVE!! 

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