Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally a girls trip!

Greg has been on so many boys trips. Lets see, since we have been together he has gone to Bahamas, Costa Rica, Vegas, and three cruises. That's a lot of trips. Now it is finally my turn!

We aren't thinking anything big, just a cruise! I am really excited, we haven't booked yet but hopefully we will within the next week! I am so lucky to have such a great husband who is such a great Daddy to the girls. I have a hard time leaving them, he was actually the one that told me I should plan a girls trip. He is quite wonderful! He said he is going to have a "Daddy's, Addison's and Aubrey's weekend of fun extravaganza!!" We'll see how fun it is, once he has to take care of the girls all on his own. I think after the weekend is over he will have a greater appreciation for all I do. Well I can only hope! :)


  1. you deserve it!! I told Daniel about it and he was so sure that the grandparents would be watching the kiddos...I will have to tell him that Greg is taking on the adventure! He will definitely be happy to see you get back :)