Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who's Changed More?

As Greg and I were sitting in the the hospital with tons of time on our hands, we started discussing how we never imagined being where we are. If someone had told me when I met Greg that we would end up married with two amazing girls, I would of laughed in their face. Greg just wasn't my "type", he was a little nerdy, a little crazy, and a little too nice. He was a crazy party/frat boy. Going out with friends drinking EVERY night, he worked just to support his social life (granted it was college). Very different from who he is today. Believe me though I love both crazy Greg and the amazing Greg he is now.

Now don't think for one second that while Greg was out partying and being nutty that I was sitting home knitting or reading like a good little girl, although I would rather my parents think that. I was right there with him. I gave Greg a run for his money on the crazy party front. Mostly because I am a little crazy even when I am not drinking. I don't think Greg and I would of lasted through college if we weren't both out together having fun. If one was out being crazy while the other was home waiting, it just would never have worked.

So back to the discussion, we were sitting there trying to figure out who had changed more. We each thought each other. He said I never like to drink and be crazy anymore. I pointed out that I had been pregnant for like 5 years (exaggeration, but still). I was pregnant or breastfeeding through, two Florida/Georgia's, two New Years, two Halloweens (Greg's brother and girlfriend have a big party each year, can't wait to go this year and be able to participate!!), two 4th of July's, two Birthday's, and the list goes on. With little ones, especially now having one with medical problems there just isn't as much time to let loose and have fun. Don't get me wrong, I love who we are now, and our life but I do miss the "crazy us". So we decided, and I hope we actually follow through, to throw a party. In true Gville style!! Yep that means, beer pong, beirut, flip cup, card games, hunch punch, keg, upside down margaritas, etc... We are thinking around Labor Day (September), as long as we can get babysitting set up! Should be interesting!! So hopefully Greg and I, and whoever decides to join us will get to party like its... ummm what year was it??

Ummm yeah... it should be fun!!


  1. Awww I love this MelMel!! Love you guys old and new version ;)

  2. Sweet! No fishing trip that weekend then eh? sounds like fun :)

  3. Greg said they aren't doing it Labor day weekend, not sure why? I'm tired of all these boys trips grrr....