Saturday, August 27, 2011

Growing so quickly...

I can't believe it has almost been 3 months since Addison was born. She is such an amazing baby, I am just so excited to see her grow up. Lately everyone has been saying she has changed so much. I guess I don't see it as clearly as they do, since I see her daily. But today she finally moved up a size, she is no longer in newborn sized clothing, still in newborn diapers though (thank goodness I accidentally over bought that size, I got 18 packs and we are down to our last two packs).

Greg and I have been contemplating moving her into her own room. She makes a lot of noise while she sleeps, so Greg and I don't get much sleep, even when she is sleeping. Our Doctor said we should start moving her out around the three month mark. I am nervous, but kind of excited to have our room back to ourselves. It's so crazy how fast she is growing up. She is getting better head control, grabbing things, playing, and so close to laughing (still doing the silent laugh)! I really am loving every second!!

Day she was born....
and now!!

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