Friday, February 17, 2012

What makes me so excited... 1/19/2012 (SECRET POST #3)

... about being pregnant again, is that I will never have to do IVF again. I have always wanted three kids, after all we had to go through to have Aubrey, I thought for sure having three wasn't in the cards.

 It took us two rounds of IVF to conceive Aubrey, so I was thinking at the minimum I was looking at two more rounds to have two more kids, but it could take many more times than that and a lot of money. So when we got the surprise of Addi, I wasn't quite ready for it but I was still so excited that we had naturally conceived. So now getting this surprise, I find myself adjusting quickly and getting more excited. Yes the timing isn't great, but I feel like our family will be complete and to me that is just beyond exciting! 

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