Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I have begun so many posts and given up on them in the middle of writing them because I know I will never post them. There are things that have really frustrated me lately that I would love to get off my chest, but once I sit down to write them I realize that I can't post most of it. It mostly has to do with family, and I don't want to hurt anyone by putting it out there how I feel about certain situations but at the same time I feel like it boils up inside and I just need it out.

I am not one for confrontation, I am a people pleaser to a fault, I just want everyone to be happy and don't ever want to upset anyone. Sometimes though it eats at me. I guess for now I just keep it in.


  1. You know I do that all the time. People frustrate me so bad and I would like to just get it out there. I struggled with even posting my last blog but at the end of the day it makes me feel better. I feel like if someone wants to look down on me for what a write then don't read my blog. It is so dang hard sometimes but sometimes it is just better to write those feelings down instead of keeping them inside. I know how you feel though. There is an option to leave posts private. I find that option to be very helpful sometimes ;)

  2. And you can always email me :) Anytime :) Especially if you are ever frustrated with me for anything - I'd rather you tell me about it because it's most likely I wouldn't even know it was me that was being crazy (and sometimes I am crazy!). Or other family drama or whatever - your emails always help break up my work day :)

  3. I will type out plenty of things and keep the postings "private". It helps with allowing yourself to vent a little without sharing information that is too personal. It is also a great way to document those feelings and reflect back on them later to see how a situation has changed or how your own feelings have changed. Definitely find a way to get those emotions out in a healthy way because it is just a bad idea to bottle them up.


  4. I had looked for the option to keep it private, I guess I'll have to explore it more. Thanks ladies for the responses!

    Ash- I wrote you yesterday about the gist of both situations, but had written a long post about it all before that.